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With a strong sense of community in the local tech hub of Santa Cruz, it is now home to an expanding coworking scene. Bolivia's commercial center, Santa Cruz sits on the Pirai River in the lowlands east of the Andes Mountains. It's cloaked in history, as it was founded by the Spanish in the 1500s and is dressed-up as a cosmopolitan hub of restaurants, nightclubs and museums. Santa Cruz has an unexpected small-town feel with streets of colonial buildings and a tropical air. It's Bolivia's largest city awash in narrow streets dotted with stalls, taxis and horses and carts jostle at traffic lights and locals lounge in the main square listening to music.

It is a hodge podge of cultures with wealthy locals and many company headquarters filling up the business buildings. In fact half of the foreign investment into Bolivia is concentrated within this city. Totally different to the rest of Bolivia, Santa Cruz is not the land of llamas or what you would expect in Bolivia. It is well ordered, there are less indigenous residents and life is not chaotic. When you are over doing your stuff in your local coworking space you can head out into the charming streets, take a really long break and hike the Che Guevara trail or head into one of the 3 national parks.

The perfect space to clear your head and to get away from your coworking venue for awhile are the Botonic Gardens, where you will have 6kms of walking tracks through Bolivia's typical flora. Here you can play a game of spotting the sloths hanging in the trees. Technology has been a part of Santa Cruz for decades, but there is a definitive buzz happening of late, as it shifts from big companies to the innovative and creative startups.