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About Boiro

Sitting in the northwest of Spain, Boiro is a holiday haunt for many Spanish who wish to take advantage of its mild climate in the mountains of the Barbanza Mountain chain or the beaches of Carragueiros and Mañóns. Its population is only around the 19,000 mark, so you will have plenty of opportunity to hang out with the locals either in a coworking venue or at the local tapas bar sipping on wine and scoffing jamon. Its economy is based on fishing, mussel harvesting, farming, textiles and its growing tourism trade. Boiro does have its fair share of tech savvy people who have no wish to leave this beachside destination, so the fact that coworking venues have opened their doors in the town is no surprise.

If you are into history there are a few archaeological treasures to gawk at plus some old churches where you can say a little prayer if you feel the need. Most people tend to hang out at the beach, check out the shops or while away some time in one of the beachfront cafes watching the passing parade.

Spain is a drawcard for many intrepid souls traipsing around the globe due to its relatively low cost of living and laid-back lifestyle. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs with Spanish startups growing 7% in 2017 and signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community. Spain has a high quality education system that is pushing out hungry youths that are no longer rushing to pursue their careers abroad. These tech whisperers aren't fazed by fear of red tape or failure that have traditionally been the woes of the Spanish startup ecosystem. Spain's entrepreneurial activity is spread throughout the whole country with hot spots in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as within smaller regions. Coworking venues are giving the Boiro locals the space to meet, connect and collaborate, without having to leave their sandpit haven for the big smoke.