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About Lima

Founded in 1831, Lima sits in northwestern Ohio on the Interstate 75 about 116km north of Drayton and 126km south-southwest of Toledo.

With a population of around the 38,771 mark, Lima is easy to get around and is a family friendly urban area. Coworking has sprung up in this medium sized enclave to cater to those who don't wish to work in the big cities or to commute to work.

Ohio has been touted as one of the best places for startups where you can have a lifestyle at the fraction of the cost if you were in Manhattan or San Francisco. Lima is a perfect example of where out-of-the-box thinkers wish to live to create their own work/life balance in what essentially is a college-town. It is affordable with every facility and service on hand where you can happily live without any dramas.

Lima's coworking scene is growing to give its locals an alternative to sitting in a cafe with iffy Wi-Fi or demanding waitpersons wanting you to buy more coffee.