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Squatting in the land where you won't find a nasty snake at all, only plenty of shamrocks and larger, Waterford is a seaport perched in the southeast of Ireland that is the country's oldest city. Founded by Vikings in 914AD, the city sits at the head of Waterford Harbor with about 53,504 people running through its streets. Home to the famous "Waterford crystal" glassware that is a legacy from its former glass-making history; the city oozes its historical past. There are remnants of an ancient wall plus numerous other old buildings for the history buff to have wet pant moments about. Subjected to raids, sieges and warring marauders over the years, Waterford was known as the "untaken city". Ireland is brimming with tech talent and coworking venues opening up in the streets of Waterford is giving the locals somewhere to gather en masse in collaborative mode, with or without a little green man perched in the corner making mischief.

The Suir River flows through the city with its port being one of Ireland's major ports for over a millennium. Waterford itself may not be a tech hub, but Ireland is the world's largest exporter of software with numerous American high-tech companies investing massively into the country. It's home to the European (or regional) headquarters of companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and the list goes on. Numerous tech startups are making the global market sit up and take notice of the Emerald Isle, such as LogoGrab (image recognition technology), Soapbox Labs (voice recognition tech) and Popertee (connecting brands with vacant spaces for short-term retail) to name a few.

Waterford is where you can hang out in a coworking venue getting your stuff done, say a little prayer in one of the stunning old churches, attend one of the awesome festivals held in the city or even chat to a leprechaun.