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A waterfront city in the state of Florida, Pensacola is separated from Santa Rosa Island by the Gulf of Mexico, giving it protected beaches. A holiday destination for many during the summer months, the town was one of the earliest European settlements in the United States. History buffs can poke their noses around the "Historic Pensacola Village" or check out the Seville Tower, whilst the sun worshippers can lazily recline on the beach. With an estimated population of around the 51,923 mark, there are plenty of sun-kissed bodies walking around its streets of low-rise buildings or hanging out in coworking venues getting creative.

The city is home to a large United States Naval Air Station, the base of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team, the National Naval Aviation Museum and the main campus of the University of West Florida. With a long history, it has been nicknamed "The City of Five Flags" due to the fact that 5 different governments have ruled over it (think Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States and the Confederate States of America). Other nicknames have included the likes of the "World's Whitest Beaches", "Cradle of Naval Aviation", "Emerald Coast" and the list goes on.

Several cities in Florida are vying for the de facto role of being the state's tech capital with many entrepreneurs moving to urban centers. Some startups are focused on hospitality, hospitals and tourism with many creative minds incubating businesses focused on virtual doctor visits, digitized hospital records and nanoparticle drug delivery, whilst other cities are into commercial space travel, as almost every major city in Florida has a startup tech scene including Pensacola.

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