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About Pavia

Home to an ancient university, Pavia is a treasure trove of artistic and cultural pleasures to pursue.  A mere 35 km from Milan, perched on the Ticino River near where it meets the Po, it is an agricultural hub of red brick churches in a serene cobble stoned village atmosphere.

For a fraction of a moment in history it was the capital of the Lombard Kingdom and if you love to look in old churches, this is the town to do it in and get your holier than thou fix. You can walk the Pilgrim Route, which was a secure passageway from Pavia to Rome along the Via Francigena, that is now a mix of those following ancient footsteps and the decadent pleasures of today, as it goes right through the main shopping streets of Pavia.  

Albert Einstein even ventured to Pavia for a year and you can sit where he did on the Ponte Coperto and pay homage to this Renaissance man.  When the soul is soaring after visiting any one or all of the 7 Churches, you can do a statue run through the town or drool over the pastries on display in the shop windows.  Shopping won't turn your head here as it is more on the generic side, but this town is for feeding the spirit, not the itchy finger at the ATM.

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