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About Arlon

The smallest provincial capital in Belgium sitting in the province of Luxembourg, Arlon is in the Walloon municipality with a population of about 28,000 inhabitants. For those into archaeological finds, this was where a number of sculpted stones ad monuments have been found from early Roman civilizations. Over the eons the area has been run over by numerous marauding hordes and during the 13th Century it was the site where the only women's "Cistercian" abbey known as "Clairefontaine" was built. The city was destroyed during the French Revolution and it was in the 17th Century that Capuchin monks built a convent on castle ruins, but a large part of the town was once again destroyed by fire in 1785. Today the city is a vibrant enclave sitting close to the border with expanding urban areas and commercial development zones including the appearance of coworking venues on its streets.

Arlon is the last stop on all of the international express trains on the main Brussels to Luxembourg City railway line, so you can get away if you wish to. History buffs can check out one of the most famous archeological museums displaying Roman sculpture and Merovingian funerary art and there is a portion of the Gallo-Roman defensive wall from the 3rd Century that can be gawked at. The Saint Donat's church sits on Knipshen Hill where the Capuchin monks built their convent, so you can say a little prayer for some help from above, if need be.

Arlon may be small, but it's big in attitude, being a part of the Luxembourg startup ecosystem that is growing richer and more edgy by helping companies to innovate. The number of startups is growing with each passing year and there are multiple initiatives being launched on a local scale, such as accelerators and incubators catering to different niches under the one roof. Startups are getting creative and being able to test their solutions in a real context with potential clients, which is a "win win" situation for both entrepreneurs and established companies. Coworking in Arlon is giving its creative locals the place to get professional and collaborate.