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Venezuela's capital city, Caracas is the commercial and cultural hub with a population of around the 2.5 million mark. With an ecosystem that is growing in leaps and bounds, Caracas has seen a growth in the number of coworking venues appearing on its streets. Innovative startups are becoming an important solution for the battling Venezuelan economy.

One of the most important benefits for startups in Caracas is the Open English platform, which focuses on reinventing the way English is learned, giving the locals the tools with which to join the tech scene. It is a city with a great entrepreneurial spirit happening. One of the biggest advantages that Caracas has is its geographic location that allows entrepreneurs to easily connect with the rest of the world. Coworking venues have been springing up to give the locals the programs, the connections to other likeminded souls, a space to collaborate and where they can get their work done. This in turn is assisting the city's technological and social development.

Caracas has become the center of national enterprise with a commitment to contribute to the development of different solutions for the different needs of the country, albeit with a few stumbling blocks such as very slow Internet. But for the innovative locals things are slowly starting to happen and the fact that coworking has appeared in its streets, tells of a bright future for the city's passionate entrepreneurs who are prepared to face the challenges that come with being creative.