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A city of beaches and inlets perched in front of the Taurus Mountains, Mersin is a port city with its economy based in maritime commerce, as it has been for eons. One of the most important Mediterranean ports, Mersin is sun-drenched and floating in a haze of orange and lemon groves that flow into the foothills of the mountains. Perched on the eastern part of the Turkish Riviera and boasting as having the cleanest seawater along the coastline, it's also the gateway to "Tarsus" that is a Christian pilgrimage site. This ancient enclave has a long history of people treading on its landscape, as it was one of the first settlement sites dating back to the prehistoric age. The history buff will have plenty of wet panty moments due to the fact that there are remains of Roman, Byzantine and Turkish eras to gawk at. A crossroads of cultures for centuries, its medley of conquerors and citizens have left a patchwork quilt of architecture throughout its streets that today have coworking spaces sprouting up to cater to is tech savvy souls.

Mersin is a large sprawling city of 915,703 residents that hang out on the seafront walkways, outdoor cafes under swaying palm trees and a city heart that is a maze of narrow streets and arcades where the young locals buzz around on scooters. Solar heating panels litter the skyline's rooftops and the old quarter near the fish market is still the place to hunt down a stall selling "tantuni" (spicy Turkish wrap) and grilled liver sandwiches.

Istanbul has matured into a global enclave for entrepreneurship, as it's the only city in the world that spans 2 continents with Mersin having its own intrepid ecosystem happening. Turkey's unique location and dynamic culture with easy access to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia makes it a pivotal hub for entrepreneurs wishing to tap into global markets. Mersin is dotted with coworking spaces, accelerators, angel investors, venture capital firms and dynamic tech savvy communities.