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A southern city in Georgia of the United States, Alpharetta is a vibrant and stunning city with everything you need at your fingertips from great educational facilities to mega shopping venues for those who like to trash their credit cards. There are plenty of green spaces to take those afternoon strolls when the brain is about to implode and lots of cultural events to keep the artsy folks happy. Coworking venues have appeared on the streets of Alpharetta to satisfy the needs of its' creative souls who have no wish to leave their own backyard.

With a down-to-earth vibe despite being a real estate hot spot, Alpharetta is the place that people fall in love with and want to set up house. It has an estimated population of around the 65,799 mark, so you will have plenty of people to chat to if you are a bit of a social creature. The city's name is believed to have been derived from the first letter of the Greek alphabet and was originally inhabited by the Cherokee people. From songwriting to food festivals, there is even a Scarecrow Harvest when the streets are lined with 100 scarecrows to celebrate the arrival of fall each October.

Alpharetta itself may not be a tech hub per se, but Georgia does have its' ecosystems and hot spots for entrepreneurs happening. Like many other towns, coworking venues are becoming the place to hang out, collaborate with likeminded souls and to get some work done.