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Lahore, The Enterprise

PKR 32,900 / pp / month

Lahore, 9th Floor, Tricon Corporate Centre

PKR 7,500 / pp / week

Lahore, 73 Jail Road, Gulberg 9th Floor, Tricon Corporate Centre


Lahore, Building # 13 & 14, Gulmohar Block, Sector C, Bahria Town

PKR 1,000 / pp / day

Lahore, Main Khokhar Chowk, Plot 744, Block G4 Block G 4 Phase 2 Johar Town

PKR 1,500 / pp / day

Lahore, Allah Hoo Chowk

PKR 500 / pp / day

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Coworking in Lahore About Lahore

Are you lacking a bit of hair on the top of your cranium? Lahore is for those in need of hair restoration. This booming medical tourism industry will have you sprouting hair, wherever you tell them to put it.

The capital city of the province Punjab, it is not only the historical center and the cultural heart of the Punjab region, but also the political, economic, transportation and educational hub of Pakistan. Ranked 34th in the most populated urban areas in the world with an estimated 9 million souls, Lahore is a sprawling south Asian city shrouded in antiquity.

The old walled city is a maze of narrow streets overflowing with a seething mass of bodies, bazaars, mosques, and small squares and brick buildings with mosaic-tiled walls. There are 17th Century palaces built by Mughul emperors, mausoleums and tropical fragrant gardens. One of the largest mosques in the world, Badshahi Masjid (1674) stands proudly beside the fort, whilst within the old city, the Golden Mosque (1753) is crowned with 3 gilded domes. This is one of the oldest cities in the world and worth taking the time to really wander around, even if you do get lost in the process of gawking. Make sure you check out the Lahore Fort, the Minar-e-Pakistan (aka the Eiffel Tower of Pakistan), the Imperial Baths and the Wazir Khan Mosque near the Delhi Gate. There are 13 Lahore Gates to check out in what was once the rampart running around the city. Amble down Mall Road and step into one of the art galleries dotted along here, or check out the Lahore Museum. Grab an ice cream from the "Chamman Ice Cream" parlor and lick as you stroll gazing at the Mughal architecture surrounding you. The experience of a lifetime can be had at the border of Pakistan and India, Wagah, where there is a daily ceremony and after this you can visit the Golden Temple. You can watch the Sufi gathering each Thursday at the shrine of Shah Jamal when the devotees dance wildly in trances. Take time to shop in the old bazaar or watch a game of cricket at the Gadaffi Stadium whilst munching on some street food.

A note for the females: when entering a mosque make sure you have a long or half-sleeved top on, a shawl to drape over your pretty head and as this is barefoot territory you have to leave your shoes at the door.

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Coworking in Lahore About Lahore

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If you’re visiting India for the first time or have lived there your entire life, there’s an option for you for a shared office space in Lahore. Coworker has the best coworking spaces in Lahore, from locations suited to travellers to shared offices ready for large companies to rent. You can filter by amenity or feature, such as meeting rooms, food options or number of workstations. Not only does Coworker have the most listings, but our price guarantee ensures you get the best price on your shared work space in Lahore.

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If you’re a business owner or a freelancer, you might be looking to rent a shared office space in Lahore. Coworking allows people from different companies and backgrounds to share an work space in Lahore while remaining independent of one another. Coworker provides photos and member reviews of all shared workspaces in Lahore, so you can know what to expect before you book your visit. Look through our coworking spaces in Lahore to book the perfect shared office space for your needs.

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Searching for coworking space in Lahore? Explore the best coworking spaces in Lahore with Coworker and book a spot – for you or your entire team! Maybe you need a desk for an hour-long meeting or are looking for a permanent place for your business to grow. No problem! Coworker has workspaces in Lahore that are available throughout the city. You can search by neighborhood or filter by amenities, like meeting rooms, food and drink, connectivity, networking opportunities and more. See our member reviews, amenity lists and photos of the best coworking spaces in Lahore.

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