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200 NOK /d
657 Oslo, Oslo

657 Oslo


657 Oslo is a coworking space that offers a place for freelancers , entrepreneurs and businesses within the creative indu... More

250 NOK /d
Innovation Dock, Stavanger

Innovation Dock


INNOVATION DOCK is a cowokring space for visionary growth companies and entrepreneurs. We offers high quality office an... More

200 NOK /d
Flow, Tromso



In Northern Norway, FLOW has opened its doors to businesses, students, entrepreneurs and investors to thrive in a platfor... More

Regus, Oslo



When you become a member of Regus you become a part of a global network of places to work from, as Regus has 3000 locatio... More

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Great atmosphere, service, networking opportunities, value for price.
Mystery Coworker
Fantastic space with a lot of ambiance and really hard working people, spanning from creatives, start ups... Show More
Mystery Coworker
Etter å ha besøkt 657 på Fredensborg i Oslo, kan mitt inntrykk oppsummeres med ordene hyggelig, sentra... Show More
Jan Thorsnæs
I was booked time in this coworking place but exactly before my coming administrators refused me. It was ... Show More
Odyslav Bozhenko

Comprising of the island of Jan Mayen, the archipelago of Svalbard and the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is a winter wonderland. Decked out in glaciers, mountains and immense coastal fjords, it is a country built for those looking to wear thermal underwear and have blue lips. The capital of Oslo is an historian's dream cloaked in masses of open green spaces to frolic in, plenty of museums to poke around, historic buildings to gawk at and preserved 10th Century ships from the Viking era. The magic spot for hiking, skiing and fishing, Norway is one of the world's white snowy amusement parks for the adventurous soul.

Bordered by Russia, Denmark, Finland and the Skagerrak Strait, it has a long coastline with its toes in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. Of its population of 5,167,573 people, 98% are hooked into the Internet. The country was the first non-English speaking country to jump onto the Internet in 1971. The government doesn't look over your shoulder when you are connected to the web, but they do crack down on file-sharing websites as well as child pornography.

Norway has come a long way in the last 5 years in relation to the digital scene, from being a wasteland to now having a real startup ecosystem happening. The government is getting firmly behind startups financially, also training and advice, plugging the large gap of peer learning that is necessary with a new ecosystem. One advantage of being on the small side is the fact that it has created a tight-knit community with open communication channels where it is possible to get hooked up with the right people.

If you want to check out a startup scene where the conferences include the likes of sky diving, wild water rafting and eating sheep's heads, then Norway is definitely the place to go to.

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