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Relatively isolated, this is a somewhat small town with only 14,801 odd souls. Hawick sits in the historic county of Roxburghshire in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. It is about 16km southwest of Jedburgh and 14.3km south-southeast of Selkirk. This is definitely not a town for those into playing in the ocean, as it is one of the furthest towns from the sea in the whole of Scotland. The nearest major airports are Edinburgh that is 92km away and Newcastle, which is 90km away. Hawick is not exactly what you would call a thriving tech or startup hub, but it does have its innovative locals who can now avail themselves of a coworking venue to get their work done.

Hawick is home to the "Common Riding" annual festival (actually described as one of the best parties in the world) where contestants ride the boundaries of the town's common land commemorating a victory for the local youths over an English raiding party in 1514. The residents chat in a local dialect of Border Scots that is informally known as "Teri Talk", so maybe brushing up on your hand language skills might be a good idea. It is awash in sandstone buildings with slate roofs and has the remains of a Norman "motte and bailey" castle within its midst.

Coworking in Hawick has given the inventive locals somewhere other than the local cafe to hang out in collaborative bliss and to become a part of the bigger picture of what is happening in the world.

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