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About Moulins

A French commune in the heart of France and the capital of the Allier department perched on the river of the same name, Moulins is a tourist hub and home to the National Center of Costume and Scenography. This is the town where the legendary "Coco Chanel" went to school and it was the birthplace of the great 19th century operatic baritone and art collector, Jean-Baptiste Faure. With a history going back to at least 990, it has a stunning eclectic historical heart wrapped around a cathedral that began life as a monastery where you can say a little prayer for some heavenly help with the success of your startup on the way to your coworking venue. History buffs will love the town, as it's cloaked in medieval houses of both half-timbered and brick or stone design plus numerous grand visions such as the Town Hall. Bells ring out the hour so you will always know the time and there is an 18th century bridge to meander over, the Pont Regemortes.

Everything is changing in France at the moment with reforms aimed to help startups rather than hinder them and efforts made to open both its economy and its borders to tech startups. Today it is far easier to hire and fire in France, which has lead to making labor costs far more predictable. France is now offering easy-to-access French Tech visas so that tech savvy souls can live and work in France. It's interesting to note that 50% of French youth aged 18-24 and 70% of graduates from the prestigious flagship university, Ecole Polytechnique, want to work for startups. The French mentality is evolving and taking into account the whole world, not just its own country.

The opening of coworking venues is merely one more step in the ecosystem that may see France leading the European scene.