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About Smyrna

Sitting northwest of Atlanta in the Cobb County, Smyrna is actually a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Georgia with a densely populated city. Once the stomping ground of settling pioneers in the 1830s, it became a popular travel destination because it was home to the religious Smyrna Camp Ground. During its history, the city has been known by numerous names: Varner's Station, Ruff's Siding, Neal Dow and Ruff's Station. It was the scene of 2 Civil War battles of note when Sherman's troops got busy burning much of the town. Smyrna has been named as one of the best cities for Young Adults in Georgia, and its first female mayor was elected in 1946. Its population of about 53,438 folk can be found taking a dip in the local swimming pool, indulging in a bit of tennis, hiking along the "Silver Comet Trail" or hanging out in one of the many cafes before heading to a coworking venue to get some work done.

Atlanta has a thriving tech hub and community of inventive souls dipping their imaginations into many areas from health IT to cybersecurity and fintech with a growing trend in new fields where culture and tech collide. Smyrna along with the other cities in the region are marketing themselves to attract new talent, venture capital dollars and international attention.

There are numerous homegrown companies such as "Sprinrilla" catering to young rappers with its hip-hop streaming platform to "Hi-Rez Studios" that is a developer of games stepping up Atlanta's global profile. Coworking venues are one more step in the ecosystem that is giving its creative souls the space to hang out and mingle.