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Lodz, home to the longest commercial street in the whole of Europe, Piotrkowska Street, is a shopaholic’s marathon only for the dedicated souls. The city sitting in the heart of Poland was internationally known because of its textile industry that now is showcased in the Central Museum of Textiles where you will find 19th Century machinery, fabrics and handicrafts associated with the trade. Located in a former factory, the Manufakture complex is a throbbing hive of culture and arts.

There are no medieval monuments lurking on corners, despite the fact that the city dates back to 1423 when it was a tiny settlement fringed by forests. Today it is attempting to reclaim its former textile glory years that dissolved in the 1990s, but the heart of the town still has a bit of a run-down feel that post-industrial photographers drool over. It is a city floating on 18 streams or rivers that flow underground and surface only once outside of the city boundaries.

It is atmospheric meandering around the city with an almost bohemian feel in the air, especially when chasing down the street mural paintings created by international artists and dotted throughout the streets. For the real arty buff there is a permanent mosaic constructed of shattered glass on display at the Pasaż Róży that is real eye candy. You can glean some information about the history of the city at the Poznanski Palace that is home to the City Museum. There are bustling markets to explore and rub shoulders with the locals, palaces, chapels and cathedrals for some pious moments to be had, plus plenty of galleries and boutiques to poke your nose into.

The architectural buff will have to get out of town to the neighboring enclaves of Łęczyca or Pabianice to gawk at some Medieval and Renaissance architecture.