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About Somerset

The main gateway to one of the largest man made lakes in the world, Lake Cumberland, Somerset sits in the Southern Lakes region of Kentucky. A small town with only 11,000 odd souls in residence, it was first settled in 1798 and incorporated as a city in 1887.

Mill Springs, approximately 13 km out of town was the scene of a major Civil War battle. There now stands a museum on the site and battle reenactments happen annually. Another site that was the scene of a battle is located at Dutton's Hill for the historical warmongers to wet their pants over. Lake Cumberland was completed in 1950 and Somerset swapped its sleepy rural scene to one of the largest recreation centers in Kentucky that tourists flock to with their boats, jet-skis and fishing rods. You can even hire a houseboat and live on the placid lake for a few nights of getting lost amongst the stunning scenery. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, then head to the General Burnside Island State Park for some hiking trails, campgrounds and picnic areas. There are a few golf courses within the city's limits to chase little white balls with a stick and a theater performance can be had at The Center. For those that want to shop there is the local flea or farmers' markets to meander around.

This is a "wet" (aka you can buy alcohol) town as of 2012 so don't worry about being able to buy a beer to quench your thirst.

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