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Who wouldn’t want the unique chance to cowork from the holiest of Muslim cities? While Silicon Valley might be considered the “mecca” for startups, coworking in the real Mecca has really taken off in the past few years, offering a range of shared offices and spaces for remote workers and locals alike to collaborate. Alongside the 1.5 million people who perform the hajj – the Islamic religious pilgrimage – to Mecca in mid-August each year, Muslim business travelers are regularly choosing to add this vast city to their agenda for its cultural and historical richness. (Non-Muslims are prohibited from entering the city!)

With the heart of an ancient Arabia village, Mecca is a modern city that’s awash with religious symbolism, including its notoriety as the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad. Mecca is also home to the Kaaba, the direction of Muslim prayer and one of Islam’s holiest sites. The city has grown substantially in the 21st century, with thousands of Saudis employed year-round to oversee the Hajj and tourist influx. This means Mecca readily offers remote workers anything you’d need, including excellent restaurant chains, hotels, and fascinating sites to observe. Visiting a coworking space in Mecca is a perfect way to gain access to insider knowledge of this dynamic city, including the prayer times (salat) during the day when businesses close.

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