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About Kirkenes

A little town in the far northeastern area of Norway, Kirkenes sits very close to the Finnish and Russian borders. This is the town to be in if you are chasing the dancing colors of the "Aurora Borealis" (aka Northern Lights) or if you have the urge to bed down in an ice hotel. Kirkenes was liberated by the Red Army in 1944 and has a monument "The Russian Soldier" to commemorate this. With a population of only 3,566, you definitely won't get lost in the town and probably know everyone, whether you are sitting in a cafe slurping on coffee or being industrious in a coworking venue.

Kirkenes is more a stepping-stone for weary travelers to catch their breath before they move on, but there are actually plenty of things to get up to if you decide to linger for a while. Being only 15km from Russia's border, you are at the end of the line for the Hurtigruten coastal ferry and the end of the road for the E6 highway that runs down to Oslo. It is a bit of a gathering point for border visitors and fishermen who get a better price for their still jumping seafood than in their home ports. Street signs are a mixture of Norwegian and Cyrillic script and the locals quite often babble away in Russian.

This is no tech hub but an eclectic town in which you can sit and get some work done in a friendly coworking space without having to breathe in big city smog.