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About Vigo

For the oyster lover, Vigo is the ultimate destination where those not into sweltering Mediterranean summers go for its more temperate climate. It has a lush mountain landscape and fresh ocean beaches where you can leave sandy footprints on its Atlantic Ocean shoreline. Located in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia sitting in the northwest of Spain, Vigo is moments from the Portugal border.

One of the major industrial cities in Galicia, Vigo's historic heart named Casco Vello and its surrounding neighborhoods is cloaked in Romanesque architecture and Roman ruins. The Castro Fortress built in the 17th Century is where you will get the best view of Vigo. Stand on its ancient granite walls and gaze over Vigo's estuary, harbor and the historic quarter. From here you can survey the surrounding mountain landscapes and the Cies Islands floating in the ocean. An artillery station, the fortress was built to repel attacks on Vigo during the Portuguese Restoration War. There are lawns decorated with formal gardens decorated with profusions of flowers and a fountain centerpiece. A photographer's dream moment of a 360-degree surrounding view.

Initially named "Vicus" by the Romans, the city is a scenic port town rich in maritime traditions and with a dynamic gastronomic culture. The seafood literally swims onto your plate, there are art galleries galore to poke your nose into and several museums to keep the museum buffs happily exploring. Sometimes referred to as the "gateway to the Atlantic", cruise ships line up to disgorge their international tourist hordes.

It is a city to meander slowly around but there is a reliable bus system for when the foot power becomes less than a dawdle.