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A Saudi Arabian city perched on the Persian Gulf, Al Khobar wallows on the waterfront with the requisite cafes and playgrounds overlooking the water. Often referred to as "Khobar", it's one of the largest cities in the gulf area with a huge population of 941,358 folk meandering its streets, playing at the beach or getting busy in a coworking venue. Many of Khobar's residents work for the world's largest oil company "Saudi Aramco" plus it's home to numerous regional and international companies. Historically a city of shopkeepers and merchants, today it has a number of modern malls and boulevards with a large number of skyscrapers under construction. Khobar has over 100 public and private educational institutions within its midst spawning the next tech savvy generation of innovative minds. It's often lumped together with Dammam and Dhahran forming the "Triplet Cities", as they are less than 15km apart.

Saudi Arabia has set on a path of major investment into technology to transform its economy with such incentives as creating a massive tech fund and is pushing for Amazon to work with the Saudi Energy Ministry to build a data center in the country plus digitization services for national oil giant Aramco. There are numerous flagship companies, government entities and prominent tech start-ups involved in artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicle sectors.

Reflecting the Kingdom's tech ambitions, its economic diversification blueprint is set to create a "Silicon Valley" of the Middle East. Coworking venues are providing the space for the city's innovative souls to gather en masse and collaborate before heading off to one of its beaches when the heat gets too much to bear.