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ahmad Shubita
Helpful and Well designed space. Many thanks for the one who thought and created uMake. . . . . . . . . ... Show More
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Helpful and Well designed space. Many thanks for the one who thought and created uMake. . . . . . . . . ... Show More
Muna Mahmoud
Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice place .Nice plac... Show More
Mustafa Alsarraj

A unique and inspiring place, Ramallah is where you will find things that make you go "hmmm". From big smiley stickers on Ramallah's traffic lights to the traffic wardens with their own whistling language, Ramallah is seen as a liberal town compared to others in Palestine. Sitting on the West Bank only 10km north of Jerusalem, it is currently the de facto administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority. Historically an Arab Christian town, today Muslims form the majority of the population. Coworking has appeared on the cityscape with many targeting the unemployment problem, but it is also creating a positive sense of self-reliance and self-belief in the local scene.

Coworking goes hand-in-hand for many involved in the startup community that is starting to flourish with many innovative souls creating jobs. Coworking first came on the scene in Palestine in about 2011, but this first attempt fizzled out, as it was too early in the stage of Palestine's ecosystem development. In 2013, the "Leaders Organization" created a "mini tech park" to provide rented space for 8 startups and to hold community events. This is all history now, as other hubs opened to incubate and mentor startups promoting civic tech and digital rights in Palestine.

The young entrepreneurial spirit of Ramallah is being reinforced in what is termed as "a budget friendly environment" in which startups and entrepreneurs can get their stuff done and their creative ideas out on the ladder of success. Ramallah is busy building a community that is supportive of its creatives and disrupters, where the locals have more chance of succeeding compared to working home alone or in a cafe. Coworking is the new future for the young of Ramallah with mentors choosing to stay on their home ground where they can still indulge in the best falafel.

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