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The oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania, Constanta is perched on the shores of the Black Sea in the southeast of Romania. Its history goes way back over a 2,000-year time span, as it was founded in about 600BC. It is the capital of the county of the same name, as well as being the largest city in the region. Constanta has a population of around the 283,872 mark with the Port of Constanta being the largest port on the Black Sea and one of the largest ports in the whole of Europe. The perfect town for walking, you can take in the city's bustling streets, one of its many parks, trawl through ancient Greek ruins or stroll its charming historical peninsular. Coworking spaces have now opened up in Constanta to cater to its innovative locals as well as the numerous intrepid wandering souls with laptops in their backpacks.

Romania is often associated with mountains, medieval churches and roads that have potholes every 2 feet, but it is also becoming a base for cutting-edge tech startups. It has a science savvy workforce, a growing and sizeable domestic market and EU membership, which makes it a European enclave for tech investors. Constanta, as with the rest of the country, is awash in young entrepreneurs who are busily forging a startup ecosystem.

Coworking venues are becoming the hangout places for the creatives and imaginative souls wishing to hang out with likeminded cohorts. Plus, when your day is done and you need to take a breather, you can always wallow around in the Black Sea, grab something to eat at the marina or head to the tourist havens that are awash in gawking hordes during the summer months.