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About Danvers

Danvers is not the startup hub of Boston in Massachusetts, but it does have its intrepid souls lurking around the streets. Originally known as Salem Village, it is probably known more for its role in the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 when 200 people were accused of being witches. Of this number 19 were found guilty and hung. It all began with a group of young girls who claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused some of the local women of witchcraft. This was also home to the Danvers State Hospital (aka one of the state's 19th Century psychiatric hospitals). Enough of the history of Danvers, because today it is visited for totally different reasons and coworking venues have opened their doors so that the locals can get some work done without having to live in the big smoke.

With a population of around the 27,000 mark, Danvers today has about 160,000 tourists annually heading to the beautiful Endicott Park that was established in 1812 for a bit of hiking, fishing or picnicking in the summer months, whilst winter opens up cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in fluffy snowflakes. Here you can find historic farm buildings, orchards and woods to wander in. You can chat to a few rabbits or beaver and might even come across some whitetail deer or coyote if you are lucky. Squirrels play in the woods and if you like to peer at birds there are numerous resident feathered creatures plus some that migrate.

Danvers does sit in Massachusetts that is touted as being one of the best states to launch a startup. This is where nearly $3 billion was funded across 113 deals exceeding California. Danvers' coworking scene is supporting its fledgling startups and avid entrepreneurs in providing a place to connect and collaborate.