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About Makawao

Once named as one of the top 25 arts destinations in the United States, Makawao sits on the mid-slopes of Maui's Haleakala volcano. Not exactly the cheapest place to live, but it has plenty of endearing qualities to make up for this. Locally regarded as a Hawaiian cowboy town, it has one foot in its plantation past and the other firmly planted in its innovative and artsy future. Makawao is charming and quaint and now
has its own coworking hub happening.

With a median age of its inhabitants sitting around 35 years (population around the 7,200 mark), Makawao may be more a rodeo enclave than a tech hot spot. It is the biggest "little" town in the region and is famous for its "paniolo" aka Hawaiian cowboys. Here it is all about horseback riding and wrangling cattle plus throw in some bareback bronco riding and calf roping. This is "Upcountry" land dominated predominantly by agriculture and ranch land.

The town's streets are awash in eclectic boutiques, shops and art galleries, so there is always somewhere to dawdle around when you want to escape your coworking venue. There is a visual arts centre where you can try your hand during one of the classes or simply explore the exhibits on display. For those that like to munch whilst they are working, a stop at the T. Komoda Bakery Store that was established in 1916 is a must to grab one of their famous cream puffs.