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Sitting near the confluence of the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers in eastern New York, Schenectady is a part of New York's tech scene where venture capital investment is ballooning. Tech giants such as Google have added thousands of jobs in the city and homegrown startups are looking to be multi-billion dollar exits. Coworking spaces have been lurking in the streets for a long time now and the city of Schenectady is no exception.

Founded in the 17th Century, the city developed rapidly in the 19th Century, as a part of the Mohawk Valley Trade area. This is where influential companies such as General Electric and the American Locomotive Company were developed. The 21st Century has seen a revitalization of the city with improving economic health and many buildings renovated for new uses. In the heart of the downtown area numerous small businesses, retail stores and restaurants have sprung up together with coworking spaces to compliment this rejuvenation.

Along with New York City, Schenectady's new wave of startups are set to disrupt long-standing industries such as healthcare and finance. It is this plethora of out-of-the-box minds that is creating the need for more and more coworking venues to pop up, not just as a gathering point for creativity, but a space where ideas can be swapped and collaborative projects born.