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About Bremerton

Sitting in the Kitsap County of Washington, Bremerton is located directly west of Seattle across the Puget Sound with a population of around the 40,500 mark. This is where you will find the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Bremerton Annex of the Naval Base Kitsap, so think plenty of people in uniforms meandering its' streets. It's connected to Downtown Seattle by 2 ferries that carry both walk-on passengers and cars. Bremerton is divided by the Port Washington Narrows that is a strait spanned by 2 bridges connecting the east to the west sides of the city. Coworking has appeared in the streets of Bremerton catering to those individuals who have no desire to enter the big smoke of Seattle on a daily basis and are quite happy to stay around their own neighborhood.

Seattle is a tech hub of mecca proportions thanks to the likes of Amazon that now boasts more office space than Seattle's next 40 biggest employers combined and has created 40,000 jobs with plenty more in the pipeline. To prove they are the "ultimate", their latest showpiece of extravagant ultra-modern structures "Death Stars" right in the middle of downtown Seattle will act as work and play centers for its' employees, plus a photo op for tourists to suck up. The Seattle business area includes the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft and is listed in the top tech cities in the U.S.

Seattle is a thriving hub of people who love new ideas, exchanging views and collaborating on change. It's changing to a vibrant tech hub and innovation center for cloud computing that has created a plethora of startups intent on solving B2B challenges such as digital and security transformation. Coworking venues have become the de rigueur hangout for these creative thinkers.