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About Tottori

The capital city of the Prefecture of the same name in the Chugoku region, Tottori has a population of around the 912,912 mark. This is home to Japan's famous sand dunes that are a draw card for tourists, as well as being home to an important research center into arid agriculture, the Tattori University's Arid Land Research Center. The oldest part of the city is where you will find the ruins of the Tottori Castle from the Edo period with numerous temples, museums and lush green parks. For those into beach parties and coworking, Tottori is the place to be for one of the biggest parties held at the beginning of every summer.

Tottori has 2 universities: the public Tottori University and the privately funded Tottori University of Environmental Studies, so there are plenty of innovative young minds and tech savvy souls hanging around the town. You can get to Osaka by train in about 2.5 hours and its airport has scheduled daily flights to Tokyo's Haneda Airport, if you need to escape in a hurry. The Japanese government has set aside about one billion in public funds by way of both loans and investments over a five-year period to achieve commercial development on the moon. Startups that qualify will be able to receive funding for such things as research costs and to cover the price of patents. Not all are chasing the cow that jumped over the moon, as many startups are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence.

From dreaming of space unicorns to maybe just getting a bit of work done, coworking venues are the place where the locals are hanging out, sharing ideas and getting their dreams into the space of reality or merely chatting about sliding down the sand dunes.