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About Middlebury

The small town of Middlebury sits in New Haven County of Connecticut that is the southernmost state in the New England region and is bordered by Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and Long Island Sound. The state of Connecticut has the highest per-capita income and median household income in the United States, so think a totally upmarket urban sprawl that is a mix of coastal cities and rural areas. It's often referred to as the "Constitution State", the "Land of Steady Habits' or the "Nutmeg State" depending on who you are chatting to. The state has a long-running financial services industry (think hedge funds and insurance companies) plus a strong maritime culture. Middlebury was incorporated as a town in 1807 and today has a small population of about 7,575 folks meandering its streets, lurking in cafes sipping espresso or hanging out in a coworking venue getting some work done.

Middlebury is no tech hub per se, but it does sit in Connecticut that is being touted as the least likely destination to become an innovation hub. For those thinking this, Connecticut has actually been flying under the radar and has so far produced 2 unicorns, startups valued at more than one billion. The region has engaged universities offering mentorship, programs and seed funding to help fledgling startups grow. There are plenty of talented graduates looking for fun places to work in their own home towns rather than having to leave for the big smoke of cities, such as Boston or New York. Connecticut's ecosystems are diverse and in viable locations. To-date the floodgates have opened, and the region is home to around 1,000 tech startups.

Connecticut shines as a place to live and work at a fraction of the cost of some other locations plus it has a great outdoor lifestyle. Local economies are being rejuvenated and the number of funky cafes, bars and restaurants are increasing to cater to the increase of relocating or stay-at-home entrepreneurs. Coworking venues opening their doors is one more step in this gradually maturing ecosystem.