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Known for its balsamic vinegar and opera heritage, plus throw in Ferrari and Lamborghini cars and you have the city of Modena sitting in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. An ancient city that will have those into their food or into their cars constantly in a state of excitement, it is also home to the University of Modena that was founded in 1175. It is the 2nd oldest "athenaeum" (a school founded by the Emperor Hadrian of Rome) specializing in law, economics and medicine. Its Piazza Grande, the Cathedral of Modena and the Torre della Ghirlandina (the bell tower) are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its Biblioteca Estense is where you will find historical manuscripts dating back 3,000 years. Within this old city coworking venues are springing up, as Italy's tech scene does not really have one main hub of innovation giving creatives throughout the country the chance to be game changers no matter where they are located.

Italians has a long history of being inventive souls from the technological achievements of the Roman Empire to today's perception of it being the heart of food, fashion and design. The Italian government and private parties are starting to change the tech landscape making it easier for startups to "start up". The red tape is being reduced and tax exemptions are being put in place for innovative businesses to take advantage of. There have been a few success stories such as "Musement" that is a travel app that gives visitors the chance to find and book activities. Finding funding is still a bit hurdle but despite this, Italy's ecosystem is widespread.

Coworking in Modena with its glorious food could be the bolt hole for intrepid startups looking for that perfect place to get creative, where it is not just all about work. The birthplace of the iconic operative tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, may just give you something to sing about.