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Regus - Orleans, Coligny in Orleans

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About Orleans

In 1429, a lowly French peasant maiden entered the town of Orléans and rallied its patrons to fend off the attacking British and turn the tide of the grueling Hundred Years war. This event and its inspirator still echo loudly today throughout the city where said maiden Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc to English folk) continues to be heralded as “la pucelle d'Orléans” (the maid of Orléans). Monuments, statues, and museums dedicated to her honor can be found around all corners of the city and provide a fascinating glimpse into the medieval European past. Remnants of the past are not restricted just to Joan of Arc though.

The nearby Loire valley hosts some of the most spectacular and famous medieval castles in France, including the legendary ‘Chateau Royal de Chambord.’ Among the castles lies rich vineyards and orchards providing an enchanting glimpse at France’s regal past and fertile countryside.

In Orléans the past takes precedence over the present. It is a place to get lost in a niche of time much of the rest of the world forgets before retreating back to a comfortable bed and high speed internet afforded by the city’s modernization.