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About Kotor

Sitting on the Montenegro Coast, Kotor snuggles up in a corner of the Bay of Kotor cuddled by mountains on the Adriatic coastline. A UNESCO World Heritage Site awash in cobblestone mazes, charming squares with its iconic St Tripun Cathedral that is actually more than 50 years older than Paris's Notre Dame.

This is where to pig out on smoked ham, goat cheese, fish soup and traditional lamb or kid's meat cooked in a sac (a charcoal based ceramic dish) or try some maize-like porridge called "kacamak". You won't go thirsty, as there is plenty of local wine and beer plus Loza, grape brandy, to be swilled.

To walk off the kilos you just inhaled, there are plenty of Romanesque churches to traipse around and for the seafaring history buff there is the Maritime Museum to poke your nose into. If you really like to chase old churches, the tiny island of Sveti Dorde has a centuries-old church to become pious in. The abundance of cafes will take care of any caffeine urges you have and are great to spend a lazy time simply people watching, especially in Kotor's Main Square. Hundreds of cats litter the lanes that are strewn with wrought-iron balconies and the odd piece of flapping washing drying in the sun. When the sun sinks down, the laneways become a hive of lively music venues plus buzzing bars and you can even indulge in a bit of castle-top clubbing.

The view of the blue waters of the bay from the medieval citadel, Conquer St Johns Castle, will give you delusions that you are looking at Norwegian Fjords. The local daily market is where you can rub shoulders with the locals amidst precarious piles of fresh fish, vegetables and cheeses. A short walk out of town will put you in seafood heaven at Galion where it is de rigueur to finish off your meal with salted chocolate sable.

But do beware of the tourist hordes that invade like locusts from the moored cruise ships to explore the fortified Old Town.