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About Bethel

A town in Windsor County of Vermont, Bethel is famous for being the source of Bethel white granite that was used in the building of the Union Station Washington and the National Museum of Natural History. Named after the Biblical village of Bethel, it was the first town of the independent Republic of Vermont in 1779. The town has been giving itself a makeover with a revitalization program in place to give life back to its downtown area. Used as the backdrop in the 2007 film "I Am Legend", Bethel is a small town with about 2,030 residents meandering its streets, sitting in cafes or running to a coworking venue to get creative.

Vermont has become a hotbed for health tech companies with many coworking spaces home to entrepreneurs looking for the perfect space to connect with likeminded souls, to make conference calls, check emails and to grab a coffee. Business accelerators abound with many focused on global health and humanitarian aid projects in the developing world. Vermont is home to international development organizations such as Tetra Tech and offers out-of-the-box thinkers a great lifestyle, plenty of outdoor pursuits for those into say skiing and a wide selection of beers, if you happen to be a bit partial to sculling down some hops. The state is small enough for connecting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs and mentors in a manner that is difficult in larger markets. It's home to a large pool of technical experts and has plenty of investors willing to get great ideas off the ground. The tech sector in Vermont accounts for one in four jobs in the state, with companies such as Galen Healthcare Solutions calling it home. The fact that Vermont is where you will find UVM and Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical centres, both major research institutions, gives the innovators of health related IT startups an advantage.

Coworking in Vermont is for those who wish to be able to take to the slopes on a snowboard during a work break, obtaining that elusive work/life balance.