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About Iwaki

Home to the "Spa Resort Hawaiians", the city's most famous tourist attraction that is a water park resort, Iwaki sits on the Pacific coast. It was struck by the March 2011 earthquake and following tsunami, which devastated the city. Iwaki was incorporated in 1966 when 5 cities, 4 towns and 5 villages merged to create the city of today. Historically coal mining has been the main industry, but when oil took over as the predominant energy source in Japan, it focused its' attention on tourism. The city has a population of about 343,258 inhabitants and is the 10th largest city in Japan in terms of area. For its innovative and intrepid tech savvy youth who are no longer shaking at the knees in fear of failure, Iwaki has joined Japan's growing startup scene. Coworking venues have opened their doors giving them the space to hang out sharing ideas and getting their stuff done without rowdy interruptions.

Japanese startups tend to focus on the domestic market due to the language barrier, which is actually the world's 3rd biggest market. Foreign competitors have trouble attempting to infiltrate this market, as it is relatively closed off to outsiders.
Many startups are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence. Coworking spaces have become the collective habitat for the city's creative creatures that wish to achieve their own dreams, rather than be a little cog in the big corporate world.