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About Lobeira

A tiny town in the province of Ourense in the Galicia region of the northwest of Spain, Lobeira only has about 809 people living in it, so you definitely won't get lost. A town where you will be able to mix and mingle with the locals in the bar sipping good sherry and downing some amazing tapas, it has a laid-back air that attracts the odd tourists, as there are literally heaps of places on Airbnb up for rent.

The perfect town to put your shoes by the door for a while and get some work done now that coworking has arrived; Lobeira's tight-knit community will welcome you with open arms.

Similar to many of the small towns in Spain in that its startup ecosystem has started to happen, the local creative techies are no longer running away from home to work abroad. Lobeira does not lack for inventive and creative minds despite its size. The recession years of Spain has created a new breed of entrepreneur that is not freaked out about fear of failure or red tape. Coworking in one of these smaller enclaves of Spanish hospitality is sure to put a smile on your face and get your brain into working mode.