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Florianópolis isn’t as famous as Rio de Janeiro, but it may be an even better place to do business. The economy in Florianópolis is heavily reliant on information technology companies and technology centers. The local workers are both skilled and polite as well. These facts along with multiple quality coworking spaces make Florianópolis an excellent candidate for growing a startup. There’s a reason Florianópolis has rapidly grown as an investment hub the past several years.

Another benefit Florianópolis offers is its modernity and excellent service sector. The city hosts many large shopping malls as well as extravagant nightclubs and bars. Aided in large part due to the city’s booming tourist industry, Florianópolis has one of Brazil’s highest Human Development Index scores. Fortunately, the city’s cost of living and crime rate remains much lower than that of nearby Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Florianópolis also has nonstop flights to major international Latin American destinations making it a great hub for both business travel and weekend getaways.

Whether your business is reliant on foreign tourists or locals, Florianópolis will support your endeavors. The city’s dozens of beaches and historical attractions bring endless crowds, especially in the summer months. Many Brazilians consider Florianópolis the best place to live in Brazil too. For that reason, a deep pool of local talent awaits. It also means, that you’ll be able to enjoy a high quality of life during your time in the city. With a warm subtropical climate, a growing coworking scene, and excellent fresh seafood, Florianopolis is a great city to work from.