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Takasaki, 3-11 Sakaecho

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A city in eastern Kanto region in the Gunma Prefecture, Takasaki is the hometown of the Shorinzan Darumaji Temple famous for its round "Daruma dolls" representing the Buddhist sage Bodhidharama, the symbol of good luck. A regional commercial center and transportation hub, it's a major industrial town with companies such as CUSCO Japan (auto parts) and Yamada Denki (home appliance retailer) based in it. The city streets have heaps of students running around them, as there are 9 public and 5 private high schools, 25 middle schools, 60 elementary and plenty of universities and colleges, such as the Takasaki City University of Economics and the Takasaki University of Commerce to name a couple. Coworking venues have opened up to cater to these energetic youth plus the innovative locals who wish to get some work done in a collaborative space.

Japan is changing its view on entrepreneurship and its tech savvy youth are not afraid of the stigma of failure any more, thanks to the media hype surrounding startups. Once being adventurous and going it alone or with other tech savvy souls was Plan B for many youths scared of not having a job. Today many are leaving their corporate positions to found their own companies or to join other startups. Japan does lag behind China and Silicon Valley, but the future holds a more positive outlook. The stability of corporate or public-sector jobs does not hold the same allure and tech savvy youth are now taking entrepreneurship to another level.

The Japanese startup scene is rapidly growing with expectations that it will rejuvenate the country's economy. It has a huge domestic market (think the world's 3rd biggest) that is very hard for outsiders to penetrate. For many innovative souls it appears that health care, agritech, Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence are the popular niche markets for Japan's creative youth and coworking spaces are the perfect venues for mingling and sharing.