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About Piedmont

A small municipality in Quebec of Canada, you will make friends of the locals very quickly, as there are only 2,721 people walking around the town predominantly chatting in French but you will hear a smattering of English thrown in. So whether you are hanging out in a cafe slurping a coffee or tucking into the old time favorite of "poutine" - think a messy pile of fries, gravy and cheesy curds - it's a sure thing there will be a friendly soul beside you to jabber away with. Cradled in the Laurentian Mountain region, Piedmont is for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to play during the 4 seasons of the year. From skiing to snowboarding, dogsledding and ice climbing, it can be one adventure after another when you have had enough of being in a coworking venue and need some fresh air.

Piedmont is no tech hub, but it does sit in Canada that is being touted as the business world's best-kept secret, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, clean technology and health care. Today it's competing on a global stage and is a major destination for commercial investment. The government is empowering new companies by hosting technology industry events featuring some of the world's best innovators and attracting international talent to work on world-changing innovations. The number of skilled foreign workers is skyrocketing and many scaling firms are actively hiring from overseas.

Canada is seeing a "brain-gain" rather than a "brain-drain" happening with students and scientists arriving in record numbers. The public and commercial sectors are supporting entrepreneurial communities via connecting them with the best academic institutions and businesses. Coworking venues are but one more space for the creatives to gather en masse in collaborative mode to get their stuff done with a grin on their faces.