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Gandhinagar is currently developing into one of India’s premier business hubs. The amount of foreign investment and multinational companies in the city are increasing seemingly by the day. This is for good reason. Gandhinagar is seen as being one of India’s most desirable destination for real estate investors. The moderately sized city of Gandhinagar (population ~300,000) also has an awesome coworking space. In addition, the nearby city of Ahmedabad plus its emerging startup scene and international airport are located just 20 km away.

While Rickshaws may be the first thing to greet you upon entering Gandhinagar, the city’s infrastructure is modern enough. Several alternative transport options are available, as well as an internet connection reliable enough to manage your online business. The infrastructure is quickly improving as well.

In fact, Gandhinagar is one of India’s most livable cities by any measure. The city has a green atmosphere due to the many parks, plant, and river. Gandhinagar is even seen by many to be the tree capital of India. If you can stomach Gandhinagar’s hot weather, you’ll have a good opportunity to cash in on its hot economy.

The local economy has a talented workforce. Locals also have solid English skills and are willing to work quite inexpensively. Talent can also be recruited from other parts of India as Gandhinagar is seen as a desirable place to live and is located in the center of India. Coworking from Gandhinagar may not be mainstream, but the city does offer a convenient location, low cost of living, and solid quality of life.

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