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The capital city of the prefecture of the same name, Oita sits on Kyushu Island facing Beppu Bay and the Seto Inland Sea with a population of about 478,491. This is a major production center of electronic products, such as digital cameras and famous for restaurants dishing up the intestines of puffer fish, if you are inclined to try this delicacy. Here it is possible to chat to the wild monkeys playing in the Takasaki Mountain area or hang out in one of the seaside villages known for their geothermal hot springs in between hammering your brain in a coworking venue.

Japan is changing its view on entrepreneurship and its tech savvy youth are not afraid of the stigma of failure any more, thanks to the media hype surrounding startups and now government incentives that they hope will bring about commercialization on the moon. Japanese startups tend to focus on their own domestic market due to the language barrier, which is actually the world's 3rd biggest market, so they do have a home-turf advantage happening. Foreign competitors have trouble attempting to infiltrate this market, as it is relatively closed off to outsiders.

Japan does lag behind China and Silicon Valley, but the future holds a more positive outlook. The stability of corporate or public-sector jobs do not hold the same allure and youth who were once risk-averse are now taking entrepreneurship to another level with coworking venues becoming the place where they can hang out in collaborative bliss with likeminded souls.

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