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About Yokkaichi

Literally translated Yokkaichi means "fourth day market" due to its historical significance as a market town. It is a somewhat small city in the Mie Prefecture of Japan developed during 1568-1603. It is the intersection of the Tokaido and the Ise Sango Kaido Roads used by pilgrims on their way to the Great Shrine of Ise. In the 1830s the city was immortalized in a woodblock print series created by Ando Hiroshige. Historically seed oil, tea and Banko ceramics were shipped out of the city, with now textiles of wool and cotton joining the list.

This is no tourist town and in fact you may be a bit hard up to find an attraction to gawk at. There is however an annual ghost and goblin themed festival in August that draws a bit of a crowd. You could always venture to the lookout platform with its restaurant that overlooks the port and city to while away a few hours of indulgent dining with a view. You will find an old merchant's home from the 1700s and a few museums, temples and shrines to poke your nose into, if you are so inclined.

Maybe it is the perfect place to do some work with no distractions whatsoever.