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The 2nd most populous city in the state of Kansas, Overland Park is basically a suburb of Kansas City with a population of about 191,278 inhabitants. Kansas City has a lot to offer tech startups from funding to hiring opportunities, as well as networking at one of the many coworking venues that have opened their doors or locally organized events offered by accelerator programs. There are also dedicated groups such as "Kansas City Women in Technology" that meet every month at different locations.

Kansas City has had at least 93 seed, angel, VC and equity crowd funding rounds between January 2015 and July 2017 that totalled about $192 million. Many jobs have been created by tech startups and when Kansas City became the first major city to receive Google Fiber, it became home to some large companies, as well as attracting additional players. In 2016 Virgin Mobile USA made Kansas City its home, plus other major companies such as Honeywell, General Motors and Garmin to name a few.

Some people may think of Kansas City as the place for barbeques and baseball, but its startup ecosystem is rapidly growing with coworking venues playing their part to support fledgling innovative minds.