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About Kingston

Located midway between Toronto and Montreal, Kingston is one of Canada’s older cities that was established in 1673 as a French trading post. Today, the city is host to plenty of historical activities and a downtown area that’s known for its historic limestone buildings. As the gateway to the famous Thousand Islands, Kingston has plenty of sights to discover whether you’re settling there for months or coworking from a local office space for just a week.

Even with its rich history, Kingston is a smart, livable, 21st century city. Located in the heart of eastern Ontario, Kingston is known for its high quality of life with access to world-class education and research institutions. Plus, it’s a great hub for entrepreneurs, offering a stable and diversified economy that includes many innovative startups, all levels of government, and several global corporations. With a hustling and bustling downtown core, Kingston is home to the most PhD graduates per capita in Canada, resulting in the country’s “smartest” workforce. How will you make your mark on Kingston? Coworking is a great place to start.