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About Neiva

The capital city of the Department of Huila, Neiva sits in the valley of the Magdalena River in the south of Colombia. With its important strategic geographical location on the trade route that connected the Viceroyalty of Peru with Bogota and Caracas, Neiva became a bustling hub during colonial times. It became the capital of the newly created Huila Department in 1905. Located only 300km from the Colombian capital of Bogota and super close to the equator, the city sweats it out under the summer sun. Known as the "Bambuco" capital, Neiva is a distribution hub for consumer goods such as coffee, beef, milk, rice and leather. It's home to several universities, such as the Universidad Surcolombiana, spawning tech savvy youth that have a penchant for hanging out in coworking venues with established entrepreneurs in collaborative bliss. Its population of about 378,857 residents meander around the many parks and gardens on the banks of the Magdalena River at the weekends or chat to neighbors in cafes, whilst sipping espresso.

Colombia does have a rapidly expanding startup scene with significant government investment in tech industries. Large incubators can be found in Medellin and Bogota and there are numerous startups making headlines such as "SiembraViva" that is fighting the urban-rural divide by connecting farmers to urban consumers. Another startup, "Viajala", has put all of Colombia's domestic airlines on a single user-friendly platform, so that its users can get the best deal.

Coworking venues have become the go-to places for these inventive souls to get their work done amidst likeminded souls.