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About Zhitomir

A city in the north of the western half of Ukraine, Zhitomyr is not a town that many foreigners would find themselves in. It is however on the historic route linking Kiev to Brest in the west and is a major transport hub these days to Warsaw, Minsk and several other major cities in the Ukraine. During the Cold War, Zhitomyr was the location of a strategic aircraft base, Ozerne Airbase. Its economy is based in food processing, granite quarrying, metalworking, lumber milling and manufacturing musical instruments.

The city oozes "Soviet" in its well tendered and loved Lenin and Marx monuments of which there are many, the old trolley buses trundling along the roads and a nostalgic space museum. It is almost like the city has been caught in a time warp, where you can still find a certain provincial charm. Zhitomyr will not be a destination you will wish to hover in for longer than a day, unless you want to explore the surrounding ancient forests where several rivers flow through.

You can take a peek at the 3rd biggest Polish cemetery outside of Poland, if you like looking at headstones. You could take a walk to the historical center in the southern part of the city or head to the city's heart, where you will find the main public square for a bit of people watching. A pedestrian only street can be found at Mykhailivska Street where there is a puppet theater in the middle of the street. Numerous little coffee houses and cafes line the street to take some time out for a coffee or something more substantial. There are a number of manicured parks and public squares with the most popular park being "Zhytomyr", on the left bank of the Teteriv River.

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