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Sitting in the southeastern area of the Netherlands, Roermond is on the east bank of the Meuse River where it meets the Rur River. Founded in 1231, the town center is designated a conservation area due to its historical importance. Roermond's skyline is dominated by the soaring towers of St Christopher Cathedral and the Roermond Minster whilst the city itself hugs the "Maasplassen", which is 3000 hectares of lakes, canals and streams making it a draw card for Dutch, Belgian and German tourists.

There are no cars to run you over in the city center, as it is vehicle free. You will find plenty of churches, chapels and abbeys for those that want to say a prayer or two, whilst the historic town hall is a treat to gaze at. If you head to the central market square you will find "St Christoffel kathedraal", a gothic cathedral from the 15th Century and from the 13th Century there is the most astounding example of church architecture at "Musterkerk". Maasplassen is the largest recreational water sports area in the Netherlands and it is always bustling with locals sailing, windsurfing, water skiing or just jumping around in the water.

There are numerous eateries dotted throughout the town where you can gorge yourself silly on the local cuisine whilst sitting on an open terrace.

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