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A Californian city sitting only 16km northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena's old heart is a shopping and dining hub known for its art deco and Victorian architecture. The city has a population estimated to be about 142,647 making it the 9th largest city in Los Angeles County and it's one of the primary cultural hubs of the San Gabriel Valley. It's home to a plethora of cultural and scientific institutions such as Pasadena City College and the ArtCenter College of Design to name a few disgorging tech savvy souls who like to hang out in coworking spaces in the city.

The USC Pacific Asia Museum will keep the museum buffs smiling and the sporting fans will clamor to get into the annual Rose Bowl football game (an annual college football clash). Fossickers for treasure have the large Rose Bowl Flea Market to meander around every 2nd Sunday of the month and for those who wish for the finer things in life and deep pockets there is Macy's Department store that is registered as a Californian historical landmark. In fact there are 21 downtown blocks to explore if you wish to see "Old Town Pasadena" in all its glory.

California actually produces more tech PhDs per year than any other region in the country and the California Institute of Technology generates more patents and startups than any other university. It has a growing new generation of tech innovators, a varied ecosystem and diverse influences that lead to innovation.
With many graduates wanting to stay on their own home territory, coworking venues have become the playground and the hangout for many creatives where they can get support, mingle with likeminded souls and get their stuff done.