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About Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz

The capital city of Santa Fe sitting in the northeast of Argentina, Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz is partly encompassed by rivers with a stunning waterfront where you can sit slurping espresso whilst gawking at the Puente Colgante suspension bridge or the slow moving cruise boats meandering the Paraná River. Historically the city dates back to the 17th Century, so there is plenty for the history buff to amuse themselves with when they are over slaving away in a coworking venue.

Sitting in a country where economic history has taught its' locals to be resourceful in the face of adversity, today there are a number of success stories within the Bitcoin and Fintech fields. Historically most of the successful companies in Latin America have hailed from Argentina, as they were the most effective at hitting international markets. Today their startup ecosystem is changing and maturing with a culture shift happening. The country is investing in venture funds and creating new legislation to make it easy to invest in new companies.

Coworking spaces in Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz have become the networking spaces for intrepid souls intent on getting innovative and creative in this city of colonial buildings, sweaty humid heat and bars exploding with tech savvy university students.