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About New Milford

A town in Connecticut of the United States, New Milford sits about 85 miles from New York City on the banks of the Housatonic River with a population of about 28,671, so you will have plenty of chances to hang out and get to know the locals who are affectionately referred to as "woodchucks". Before and during the colonial era it was home to the "Weantinock" (a sub-group of the Paugussett Nation) who were fishermen and farmers. It was during the early 1700s that Anglo-American families arrived and a town was created. New Milford was home to Roger Sherman who became a member of the Continental Congress and signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution during the American Revolution. It wasn't until late in the 19th Century that New Milford saw new industries moving in such as factories making hats, pottery and a heap of other goods. Tobacco became the major crop with warehouses springing up to store and process it. From enjoying a smoke (that is so not the done thing these days) to getting some stuff done, coworking venues have opened their doors for the innovative locals.

New Milford is no tech hub per se, but it does sit in Connecticut that is being touted as the least likely destination to become an innovation hub. For those thinking this, Connecticut has actually been flying under the radar and has so far produced 2 unicorns, startups valued at more than one billion. The region has engaging universities offering mentorship, programs and seed funding to help fledgling startups grow. There are plenty of talented graduates looking for fun places to work in their own hometowns, rather than having to leave for the big smoke of cities such as Boston or New York.

Connecticut's ecosystems are diverse and in viable locations. To-date the floodgates have opened and the region is home to around 1,000 tech startups and plenty of coworking venues for these creative souls to hang out in.