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10 EUR /d
Aurora Coworking, Murska Sobota

Aurora Coworking


A Coworking space in the middle of a rural area? yes! we are in the middle of the flat lands of the Slovenian north east... More

60 EUR /m
ABC Hub, Ljubljana



Acceleration Business City is a place for young companies and startups that are eager to spread and create a healthy ecos... More

12 EUR /d
Poligon, Ljubljana



Poligon is a training ground for creative communities and the self-employed professionals operating in the field of creat... More

Geek House, Ljubljana

Geek House


THE STARTUP GEEKHOUSE OFFER: 75,000 € CONVERTIBLE LOAN In cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, as part of the... More

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This place was co-designed by feng-shui consultant and it really pays off. All of us creating there just ... Show More
Blaž Mertelj
Great working environment with everything you need.
Dragana Kljajić
Best place after the restaurant at the end of the universe from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Place i... Show More
Tomaz Miholic
Aurora has a very comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Very very nice people, accepting and helpful, always p... Show More
Nenad Kojić

Sitting in Central Europe, Slovenia sits at the crossroads of the main European cultural and trade routes. From some digital professionals point of view it is the perfect place to plonk your laptop down and get that startup happening.

Awash in ski resorts, lakes, mountains, a dense river network and karst underground watercourses, it is home to Lake Bled of the hot spring fame and the city Bled where you can meander around a cliff hanging medieval castle. More than half of its lands are covered by forest. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is dressed in baroque facades with the iconic Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) spanning the Ljubljanica River. Bordered by Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, it is a breeze to explore Europe from. A parliamentary republic, Slovenia has a population of 2,062,874 souls and its economy is export orientated.

Of its population 72.8% are connected to the Internet and 41.2% of them are on Facebook. The general consensus amongst the bootstrapping crowd appears to be that picturesque Slovenia is perfect because you can ski mountains, swim at beaches or float in mineral water. Everyday costs are low from swilling beer to sipping espressos, as well as the cost of coworking spaces. Apart from the weekends, there is no raging nightlife to distract you from your target of getting that startup forging ahead. There is a vibrant and enthusiastic startup community happening with most cafes having free Wi-Fi and English is quite widely spoken. There are plenty of good cheap eating-places if you don't want to cook up a storm at home from awesome locally grown produce and the local wines will impress.

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